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Staying Calm Conquers Crippling Fear This Way

In many different stations in life you are encouraged to stay “calm”, be quiet, don’t move, relax, etc. Well, staying “calm” involves being quiet and still and certainly aids in relaxation but why and how?

That’s the key question of the hour.

When I sang publicly, hosts would always take me to their “green” room prior to entering the stage because a soft bluish, slightly yellowish, green was considered to be the “calming” color from ages past. And I knew first hand that when you’re calm, you perform much much better.  

Staying Calm Conquers Crippling Fear This Way

So how did I get calm? Certainly not by just entering the green room.  If that were the case, then every time I’d see that shade of green, I would suddenly turn calm.  No.  Not at all.

In fact, while the color itself does have calming qualities about it – less noise – as they say than other colors, I could still be a nervous wreck if I hadn’t practiced the music, the lyrics, the chordal pattern (I played keyboard while singing simultaneously), etc. If I didn’t know my stuff, a specially designed color room wasn’t going to suddenly make me calm and confident to enter that stage.

Listen carefully here. This is an important message.

No matter what you need to do in life, staying calm will always enhance your clarity and ability to function at a higher level but you have to do your homework first.

You have to be prepared to do whatever it is you need to do …..

A Vital Key 

Preparation is the key before the “calm” can happen for a test, a performance, an interview, a mission, etc.

Athlete Interview -Sabine LisickiEven moms have to prepare to have a baby.  A teacher prepares for a single day’s class. A speaker prepares before the next presentation. An individual prepares for that next interview.  An athlete prepares for the next big competition. A special operative prepares for the next big mission.

What is needed before the preparation?  A goal to accomplish, supplies to carry out the goal, and knowledge to use the supplies.

You see where I’m going with this, right?

It all starts with a goal, then supplies or tools or props, then comes the preparation and only then can you work on the “calm” state to cooperate with all your prep work to make for a successful outcome.

Wiggle Room

This is the KEY to thwarting the debilitating process of fear. Yet fear will try at every point to wiggle its way into the process to paralyze you from moving forward.  This is where your mental disposition comes in.

Fear will rob you each step of the way.  Sooner or later you have to say “NO” to fear and start your journey toward a goal you want more than anything else in the world.

At the end of the day, or the end of your preparation, you still have to conquer fear to reach the “calm” status but it gets easier when you’ve gone through the structured preparation process a few times.

The Best Thing To Do

So the best thing to do is to list all your fears and see just how many of them you can overcome by yourself. Put a Y for “Y-O-U” by those. Next to the fears you think you may need some help with or support through, put a H for “H-E-L-P” by those.

Sometimes it just helps to have a coach to help you stay on track and get you to the finish line to experience that pure, wonderful success.

You can overcome fear once and for all. Contact me if you’d like help.

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