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Refreshing Change Means Stop That and Do This

So much in life is all about ex-change.  You have to stop something in order to arrive at something new. Stopping one thing just isn’t enough.  You must replace the old habit with a refreshing new one.  Plus the new habit must be proven to get the results you desire.

Refreshing Change Means Stop That and Do This

So exactly how do you go about getting this refreshing change in your life?  I’m so glad you asked.

First, make a list of all the things you know you do that are just not good for you.

  • bite your nails
  • swear – a lot
  • drink alcoholic beverages
  • drink several cups of coffee every day
  • put off cleaning your house
  • gorge down eclectic varieties of food
  • scrounge for chocolate in the house

Next, get with a trusted, non-judgmental, friend.  Ask them to make a list of things they’ve observed that you do that just might not be the best for you.

Compare the two lists.


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