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Refreshing Change Means Stop That and Do This

Whatever shows up on both lists – well, that’s what you want to work on first.

But here’s the kicker. You can’t just “stop” a bad habit without first changing how you “think”. Refreshing change will happen but you really need to do this first – that is, if you want the change for good to be long lasting.

Look closely at the habit you want to stop. Think about when you actually do it.  Who is with you at the time? A boss.  A friend. Where are you located?  In a crowd?  At home alone?

Being honest when answering these questions will help you decipher the underlying cause for the habit.

If you’re home alone – then change your thinking about being alone.  You can only stop feeling sorry for yourself and lonely when you rephrase your self talk to include an abundance of friends on the way.  Add in thoughts of gratitude for the friends you already have – even if they are long distance.  With the phone, internet and social media – there’s really no excuse these days to be without friends.  Instead of chatting, jump on the phone and have a vocal conversation.

But here’s another kicker.  Choose to take your thoughts OFF you long enough to find out what’s going on with others.  Practice thinking about how you can say an encouraging, uplifting, refreshing word to someone that would change their day for the better.

Under our “Affirmations” tab, there are lots of sentences you can adopt for yourself to start this lasting, refreshing change in your own life.

If it gets too hard and something is still not working for you, please  email me at  But please, put “Affirmations” in the subject line so I don’t miss it.  You can also message me on our Facebook page entitled “Empowered Freedom Life”.

If you have a testimony to share, email that to me also and let me know if and when you’d like me to publish it for you so others can be uplifted and encouraged, too!

Have a great week!

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