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Power Over Others - Rebecca Alderman

Most moms have known for a very long time that after the development years of their young, they simply will not have power over their children anymore.  In fact, healthy moms look forward to the day when their kids are potty trained and can clothe and feed themselves plus be efficient enough to pay their bills and make a life for themselves.  It’s a milestone during motherhood that speaks loudly how successful you have been.

Power Over Others

But the most exciting mark of parenthood is when a child emulates your character in choosing friends they would never need or want to control in anyway. Children learn what they live.

When you use this affirmation to overcome challenges in relationships yourself – you become a healthy model to your kids  – and others.

We’ll talk a lot about struggles in this area as well as “fearful” relationships in the upcoming podcasts.  Your life will never be the same.  I look forward to reading your questions and comments.  So go ahead and get signed up today!


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