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Make Me Stronger

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Make Me Stronger - Rebecca Alderman

Dealing with our past can be a daunting task. OR it can be exhilarating and edifying. Realizing that once a moment has past it can never be grabbed back is the first step. Getting stronger as a person is not as hard as you might think.

Make Me Stronger

Focusing on the “now” circumstances after something has happened is the key.  If you focus on the mistake or event in the past, you get weaker because it’s gone.  The only thing you can ever change is the present.

You can’t change tomorrow because it’s not here yet. You can’t change yesterday because it’s gone.

With courage to admit those two truths, you can change what happens right now and with humility you vicariously become stronger in spirit and character.

What a great journey we can have in life with just a few simple changes in the way we think.

Use this affirmation to change your “now”.

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