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I Welcome Peace

Affirmation & Explanation

I Welcome Peace - Rebecca Alderman

So many people live as if what they are needing or expecting in the  next 2 seconds doesn’t arrive, they will simply blow up or worse. Ever run into one of those people in the car behind you revving their engine like they’re about to take off at the starting line – except you happen to be in front of them? They definitely are not experiencing peace.

How do you handle annoying situations like that? Calmly? Or do you get upset because of the other person’s hysteria?

How do you handle even more serious situations? adverse situations? dangerous situations?

Do you have the calm resolve it takes to think clearly and function appropriately and safely for yourself and your family in these different type situations?

I Welcome Peace

Bad things happen. The world is a dangerous place.  It’s a part of life to experience bad things but those same bad episodes do not have to rule your life or dictate your future.

You can have real lasting peace and joy in your life no matter what happens around you and it’s not as hard as you might think.

You can be so calm during a stormy moment that it literally makes people mad at you. Yes, mad at you enough to ask you, in probably not so pleasant terms at first, how you can be so at calm with “this” going on….  Well, that’s your clue to help them, too.

But first, let’s get you some tranquility in your life.

Use this affirmation and watch it help.  If it’s not enough or you simply just can’t bring yourself to believe the words when you say them, then sign up for our upcoming podcasts.  Together, we will find “peace”.

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