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I Speak Uplifting Truth

An Affirmation & Explanation.

I Speak - Rebecca Alderman

Instead of speaking your mind in order to relieve your own frustrations and unhealthy emotions to others; instead, you can speak to your mind with truth-filled nuggets that will uplift your countenance and encourage others – no matter what’s happening.

This is not to imply you would become some positive thinking mush speaker to a person whose just experienced a horrible tragedy. No.

I Speaki speak

But in those alone hours when you know you shouldn’t have that extra indulging dessert bowl.  Or on those low ebb days when all the thoughts running through your mind happen to be depressing you further.  Then it’s time to pull this affirmation out and repeat it over and over.

Next, grab the “truth” to replace the lie and get yourself uplifted and back on top of your day.  “I Speak” implies you must do just that.  Replace the unhealthy thought.  Literally hear yourself speak to your mind and say “No, that’s not the way it will be today. I will_______.”  Of course, fill in the blank with the obvious truth about yourself.

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