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Beauty Secret One

You may get mad at me for saying it but I hate talking on my cell phone. I know “hate” is not a beauty word, but I hate losing calls from people I care about.  I hate when calls are dropped from important clients. But mostly I hate the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by Cell Phones, PDA’s, Bluetooth headsets, etc. They have been linked to various stress-induced issues.

We subject ourselves to this overbearing external stressor every day.  And that, Ladies, is not an ingredient for beauty. In fact, it puts wrinkles under your eyes and wave creases in your forehead. But I found a great solution that works great for me and I know it will for you, too.

Beauty Secret One

The GIA Cell Guard™ is designed to be used on your handheld devices. It utilizes the proprietary GiaPlex™ technology and works to counteract the stressful effects of your exposure to EMR and to reinforce the body’s natural resilience to stress at the same time.

The cell guard is convenient and absolutely no maintenance required whatsoever.  How easy is that?

I made sure everyone in my family had one on their phone to prevent early aging and stress related health issues.

The Cell Guard is available in both “classic” and “sliver” varieties.*

And yes, Ladies, I joined the GIA Wellness team because I believe in their products.  I don’t get headaches anymore at the end of the day due to too much time on my cell phone.  Plus, the fine line face cream I use under my eyes doesn’t have to work so hard which is a beauty plus for me.  I can smile and laugh freely without thinking my face is about to fall off as it cracks apart. ๐Ÿ™„

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