I Am a Dwelling, a Mountain, a Gateway


Need some time to relax, reflect, be refreshed?  What about needing time to study in a soothing atmosphere?  Praying? Worshipping?  And taking a few moments to regroup is not out of the question either.  This piano instrumental will give you what you need in 16 minutes.  Enjoy!


This piece depicts developing a relationship with Almighty God. You start by inviting Jesus into your heart, believing He was raised from the dead, and by doing so, become His Dwelling place.

Then, as you grow in Him, you’ll be enabled to overcome things because you’ll stand in His Powerful Authority and experience victory as a majestic mountain peak.

Finally, the stronger your spirit becomes because of His Presence in your life, you’ll be more and more like Him; so much so, you’ll be a gateway for His Love to flow through you to others. It’s living by faith in Him and growing accumulative by His Spirit.


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I Am a Dwelling, a Mountain, a Gateway

piano, instrumental, relaxing


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