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If you desire to live in confident peace no matter what happens to you, and you don’t know the whole truth about Jesus, do not hesitate to read my story.  When you’ve finished reading, please write to me and tell me your story.  I can not imagine going to Heaven or having Heaven in my heart without knowing you will be there also.

Maybe you have Jesus in your heart, but you are still hurting from different sources, memories, and levels of pain.  Allow me to encourage and embrace you with my story.  You’ll attain liberty readily recognized each time you join me in applying these truths to our lives.

Heaven in My Heart is written in three parts portraying my journey before, during and after the death of my three-year-old son, Jalon Micah, and twenty months later, the death of my husband, John.  The first part, The Way, recounts the details surrounding the two deaths.  Part two, The Truth, demonstrates how Jesus stayed connected to His heavenly Father while living on the earth, overcoming personal hurts and tragedies himself.  The dialogue exchange between Jesus and His Father before, during and after His time on earth, is based on the character and attributes of both, as presented in Scripture.  In part three, The Life, I share the moments, with my other sons at my side, when I could not physically move into but a whisper of worship toward my Sustainer.  But in the breath of worship, Sustainer became Wisdom, Wisdom became Provider, Provider became Father, Father became Husband, Husband became Protector, Protector become Lover, Lover became Adoration, Adoration became Rejoicing, Rejoicing became Eternal Joy…….Joy brought Purpose…..Purpose brought Vision…..Vision brought Life…..Life is my Peace.


“It is impossible to remain the same after knowing Him.”   ~ Rebecca Persichitte Alderman

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