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How Would You Like To Face Today As An Empowered, Enlightened,  

Best Version of Yourself . . .   Even If You’ve Been

Confused, Depressed, and Paralyzed with Fear for Years!” 

In fact, You’ll Be So Strengthened and Confident,

Your Fears and Frustrations Will Melt Away! 

You’ll  Finally Be Able to Say to Yourself, 

“I’m different.  I’m not the same anymore.  I’m so excited.  


Here’s What You’ll Discover: 

  1.  Which fears are your biggest cripplers!

  2.  When these fears started and how they’ve developed over time.

  3.  How to relax and function at a high level even during high stress moments! 

  4.  The real potential dangers that require higher skills of personal protection that even  YOU can accomplish with ease! 

  5.  How to develop your own home & travel security strategies that scare predators away. 

  6.  The vital elements needed to deal with life changes, and even tragedies, so that your joy and  peace stay intact.  

  7.  Plus so much more…let’s finally get you living a better quality of life fast. 


From the desk of Rebecca Alderman

St Louis, Missouri 


Dear Friend – 

If you are like most of my clients, then you’re probably battling anxiety almost daily, especially with the constant stream of disturbing news across television, social media, radio, etc., not to mention what is going on in your own personal life. 

Your life is likely filled with fears to the point you can barely handle it or get through the day.  And – as a result, you push off making decisions for a later time that never arrives. 

I mean, a lot of things scare you, if you’re like my best clients.  These fears have a way of growing and multiplying into brand new fears.  And listen, I’ve been helping people like you for many years now … and I know what it takes to FINALLY conquer these debilitating issues – once and for all. 

In fact, I’m betting you’ve never realized just how much quality of life you’re missing out on by being filled with fears and anxieties.  My techniques and systems are proven and for you, will certainly be life changing! 


Climbing the Mountain From Despair to Joy


boy-ball-JohnMorgan_bored1After my baby died, I had a hard time going to the places where he had fun and laughed and played. 

After my husband died, our 5 year old son said to me, “Now who’s going to teach me how to play ball?”  And weeks later he said, “Mom, if you’ll just take me to his store, I’ll find Daddy for you and tell him to come home.” 

Two deaths in our family within 20 months apart.  Both accidents.  Both here one minute and – gone the next. 

It was now on my shoulders to provide security and stability for my kids.  Honestly – I didn’t want the job and I remember the countless ways I inadvertently “pushed things aside”, you know, until that better day came. 

Home -RebeccaBut not anymore.   Today – I am free, once and for all, from ever being so fearful that life stood still for me or my family. All that anxiety left, and instead, now there is joy and peace and energy and excitement and hope.   

Yes, there are solid, absolute answers and solutions.  I discovered them myself.  I put them into action myself.  I taught my kids the same – myself.  And then ladies began asking me to help them.   


When is Enough, Enough? 


One client was so depressed, just watching the news, being out in public – anywhere – and especially being on social media sent her spiraling downward – almost daily compounding one fear upon another.  She had no energy, no purpose and no hope. It was no way to live and I knew almost immediately what she could do to make all the difference in the world for her. 

Here’s what Tashia says today:

I was fearful of my own shadow back in those days.  


I feared break-ins to my home while my husband traveled on the job. 

I feared traveling a couple of hours alone to see my kids.  

I feared the future every time I heard another tragedy happening on the news or on Facebook. 


I decided to take Rebecca’s course and I discovered fears I didn’t even realize were deeply embedded and compounded in my life before, during and even after I began developing  and initiating skills to enhance my own personal and home protection strategies.  


I’ll never forget the day my fear of losing my marriage over alcoholism was uncovered.   


The day I found (yet another) hidden bottle of whiskey in my husband’s car would have been the lowest day of my life, but it was not.  It was the BEST day because it began my journey forward. 


I called Rebecca, in tears, and after she prayed with me; without judgment, she gently suggested steps out of my hopelessness.  Not only did she show me practical action-steps, she also came alongside with openness and honesty.  She helped restore my confidence in my own intuition and taught me to love all people. She helped me discover that other people’s actions and reactions are not necessarily directed toward me, but are a result of their own brokenness.  Today,  I am truly able to love others with a deeper compassion and move ever forward with confidence in relationships.   


At the end of Rebecca’s program, my confidence rose higher than I ever imagined. Rebecca brought out competencies I didn’t even know I had. She has become a dear friend in the process. 


YOU CAN experience this exhilarating change in your life, too! 

And that brings me to my next point. 


Introducing . . . 

The Empowered Freedom Program! 

Everything You Need To Transform Your Life! 

Your Life Is About To Soar Beyond Your Wildest Expectations With 

A Glow – A Smile – An Inner Peace –

So Spectacular, So Clearly Visible Others Will Stop & Ask You 

WHAT  Is Different About You … 


The Empowered Freedom program includes: 

  1. Instant access to an online, self-paced progression you can complete around your own schedule. 

  2. 8 Modules of power packed activities, eBooks, videos, audios, affirmations, charts, even relaxing music, etc., that literally map out your path to transformation. 

  3. Over 8 hours of 1 on 1 conversations with me – interlaced at strategic points in the program.

  4.  Engaging topics for women on what concerns you most about personal protection strategies for home, the workplace, shopping, driving locally or travelling long distances. 

  5. Discovering your best options for choosing and implementing a Self Defense tool, your state laws governing the tools, plus experimenting with your fashion statement on how to carry & deploy the tools effectively for different scenarios. 

  6. Easy step by step instructions on how to instill in your children personal protection techniques using games and fun activities. 

  7. 4 Confident building BONUSES interspersed throughout the course to explode your inner beauty outwardly that will amaze even your closest friend, spouse or significant other. 


You are about to experience freedom like never before.  You’re on your way to minimizing trauma for you and your family by becoming mentally prepared to deal with adverse situations calmly and effectively. 

The Roller Coaster Will Stop – and NOW! 

STOP Being Afraid - Empowered Freedom CourseWhen you’re fearful, it’s almost impossible to concentrate on anything else.  And what do people do when they need to get your attention? That’s right.  They “tell” you to just STOP being afraid and expect that to do the trick. But does it work?  Maybe for about 5 minutes or so, if you’re lucky. The sad part is they think they’ve solved the problem but you fade away into deeper fear of letting them know you’re afraid. Now you feel compelled to put on a “front” to satisfy them but never getting totally free from your crippling fear. This is an endless cycle that simply must stop. And it CAN STOP! NOW!


At the end of the Empowered Freedom program, with your new found confidence, you’ll be able to handle life changes with a creative spark for uncovering options and possibilities.  Plus,  never again will social and personal tragedies stop you in your tracks because you’ll be able to face them with courage and confidence and hope. 

Your future is bright.  Hope is near.  Your life is about to change for the better.  You are ready!


“Let’s Get Your Life Transformed Right NOW … 

Let’s Work Closely Together To Empower You 

To Be the Best Version of Yourself Possible!”

We Can Do This Even If You Have Tried Everything 

And Have Been Depressed & Fearful for Decades! 


Fill out the form below and we will get you more information and details about our life-changing program.  If you want to empower and transform your life into strength and confidence, then this is the program you’ve been waiting for.

Please fill out the form below and get all the information you need to transform your life now! 

I look forward to receiving your application soon. 

Rebecca Alderman 

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