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Evaluation & Assessment

Cost of Stress

The cost to businesses with
stressed employees is estimated
to be between $200 and $300
billion dollars per year.


Stressed Workers

…are fatigued, prone to mistakes, 
injuries and absenteeism. Even when
stressed workers come to work, they
do not function at their best.

Healthcare Costs

Stressed employees incur healthcare costs nearly twice as high than other employees.  Long hours, heavy workloads and uncertain job responsibilities are compounded by work/life balance issues.

Encouraging News

Stress can be managed with a synergistic approach addressing both organizational changes and individual-based stress management systems that teach employees to mitigate stress.

Review the Figures.

The scope of stress may be uncovered by evaluating absenteeism, illness, turnover rates & performance.

Form A Team

A stress management team can identify stressors from the top down. They also determine if these factors are company-wide or specific to certain departments.

Survey all employees.

Hold discussions and/or design a survey to assess the stressors that employees face both on-the-job and off.

Offer A Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

This online & print questionnaire can help identify risks for diseases and contributing lifestyle factors, including stress levels. The HRA can help spur employees to take steps to reduce/manage stress.

Wellness Program:

Bar Graph Wellness Program Rebecca Alderman

  Encourage Maximum Participation

By implementing an incentive system that matches your company’s generosity and budgeting needs, plus distributing ongoing communications, you can foster well-being for all employees that will maximize participation in the companies wellness programs.

Multiple Approaches - Rebecca Alderman
Offer Multiple Approaches

Thinking outside the box could have enormous results when it comes to boosting productivity.  Employees who are able to choose their weekly activities toward stress management and coping strategies literally bloom where they stand.  Activities could range from:

  • Enlisting community organizations with expert connections to hold seminars, 
  • Encouraging exercise both on-site and off-the-job
  • Setting up support groups with facilitators from Human Resources to keep discussions focused and on solutions
  • In-house art programs, concierge services that provide dry cleaning services & grocery delivery, or wall screens depicting tranquil nature scenes, especially in windowless offices

Rebecca Alderman - CoachEncourage Individual Stress Management

One way to maintain success after it has been achieved is to implement individual stress management options that ensure old, ingrained habits do not return. Some employees will need steady reminders to encourage solid coping skills while others will need more physical activities and interaction with a coach to help in the process.

  • Supply Easy-to-Read Tip Sheets About Stress, Its Causes & Reduction Strategies


  • Give Employees Access to Stress-reducing Activities


  • Enlist professional Stress Management Coaches


  • Consider Mindfulness Training


Organizational Strategies - Rebecca AldermanApply Organizational Strategies

Utilizing the passion and determination of a wellness management team comprised of employees at every level of your company, a plan begins to emerge that raises morale, sparks excitement and causes productivity to soar by looking at these fundamental areas.

  • Job structure: Roles, Responsibilities, Workloads, Capabilities, Resources
  • Create Collaborative Work Environment
  • Provide Opportunities for Social Interaction
  • Offer Employees Assistance Programs (EAPs)
  • Consider Environmental Design Changes

Work/Life Balance Strategies Rebecca AldermanInstitute Work/Life Balance Strategies    

To maintain healthy productivity in any company, there has to be balance strategies between work and life. This balance can be accomplished in a variety of ways that help the company and the employees.  Options include:

  • Consider flex time for arrival and departures of employees
  • Provide Personal Improvement/Protection Classes for women
  • Offer job-sharing, part-time schedules & voluntary reduced work time
  • Allow work at home
  • Extend the lunch hour
  • Address child care as well as sick child care initiatives
  • Invest in Healthcare Advocacy services
  • Implement a return-to-work program

Evaluate Wellness Program Success - Rebecca AldermanEvaluate Success of Programs

No program is complete without being able to measure the success covering all aspects of the programs as well as the overall improved productivity of the company.

  • Evaluations begins with looking at figures relating to absenteeism, disability, presenteeism, productivity, turnover, workers’ compensation and use of medical care.


  • Track Participation Rates


  • Compare Health Risk Assessment results before and after program participation.


  • The key to successfully managing workplace stress rests on addressing both organizational changes and individual-based stress management.

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