Exciting New Life Initiations – Get Started Now

How can this be? I’m so tired, grieved and just plain ready for a vacation.
A vacation is fine but if you’re grieved and a little depressed – it sounds like you need some strengthening.

If your spirit is in a weakened condition, there’s no way victories and destinies can happen. If your body and soul are stronger than your spirit, there’s no way any of this can happen! Good News next…

GOOD NEWS! You can strengthen your spirit to be stronger than your body aches and louder than your soul cries.

You can win!

Here’s a great place to start – just 30 minutes per day or evening, right before you go to bed.


Just 5 days per week. 30 minutes per day.

Get a head start on making this month your best month ever!

Faith School 2020 Answers Encouraged by Rebecca Alderman