Power Over Others

Affirmations & Explanations.

Power Over Others - Rebecca Alderman

Most moms have known for a very long time that after the development years of their young, they simply will not have power over their children anymore.  In fact, healthy moms look forward to the day when their kids are potty trained and can clothe and feed themselves plus be efficient enough to pay their bills and make a life for themselves.  It’s a milestone during motherhood that speaks loudly how successful you have been.

Power Over Others

But the most exciting mark of parenthood is when a child emulates your character in choosing friends they would never need or want to control in anyway. Children learn what they live.

When you use this affirmation to overcome challenges in relationships yourself – you become a healthy model to your kids  – and others.

We’ll talk a lot about struggles in this area as well as “fearful” relationships in the upcoming podcasts.  Your life will never be the same.  I look forward to reading your questions and comments.  So go ahead and get signed up today!


I Refuse This Type Of Rule

Affirmations & Explanations

Rule - Rebecca Alderman

There’s going to be times when you just blow it.  It’s those times when you thought it was the right decision but afterward realize just how wrong it was.

I Refuse This Type Of Rule

Don’t let mistakes ruin your life.  Mistakes do not have to rule your life. You can own it, take action (ask God’s and others forgiveness) and move on. Repeat this affirmation over and over to yourself until you embrace it as a standard for your life.

We have ALL made mistakes.  We don’t deserve freedom over past mistakes.  But because of Jesus and His sacrifice for us, we GET TO live in freedom of our past mistakes. Oh, the sweet reality of the Cross of Jesus and all He accomplished FOR US through His suffering! Just think about it! Do you know of anyone who would go through what He did for you or me or anyone else, for that matter?  I believe a little shouting and rejoicing is appropriate about now!  Thank you, Jesus!

Making Good Choices This Way

Affirmations & Explanations

Good Choices - Rebecca Alderman

In today’s society with fast technology at our fingertips that include

  • reading everyone’s opinion about everything,
  • shopping the vast variety of choices available,
  • social media closing the distance gap for family & friends
  • hearing tragic news around the globe on a daily basis

…..we need a lot of energy to keep up with vast loads of information coming at us to make the numerous decisions crying for our attention on a daily basis.

Making Good Choices This Way

There is a way to consistently make good choices that simply won’t pull you down and rob your energy.

Use the affirmation above to set strong boundaries for yourself. Good decision making is just a few steps away with this affirmation.  We’ll discuss more during the upcoming podcasts.

I Am Responsible

An Affirmation & Explanation.


No one can control what goes on in your mind unless you give them that authority.  The minute you say “no more”, then it’s over for them and it’s a new beginning for you.

Reminding yourself of this fact, “I am responsible“, is one empowering nugget every man, woman, boy and girl should know and embrace.

I Am Responsible

When you take responsibility for what goes on in your own mind, what you think and what governs your actions, you can turn your life into an adventure that is only enhanced by one other element.

If you want to find out what element this is – you’ve got to  sign up for our podcasts below. You will never be the same again.  You will love you life and the adventure it brings.

You can be responsible and joyful in your life – and yes – simultaneously.

Make Me Stronger

Affirmation & Explanation

Make Me Stronger - Rebecca Alderman

Dealing with our past can be a daunting task. OR it can be exhilarating and edifying. Realizing that once a moment has past it can never be grabbed back is the first step. Getting stronger as a person is not as hard as you might think.

Make Me Stronger

Focusing on the “now” circumstances after something has happened is the key.  If you focus on the mistake or event in the past, you get weaker because it’s gone.  The only thing you can ever change is the present.

You can’t change tomorrow because it’s not here yet. You can’t change yesterday because it’s gone.

With courage to admit those two truths, you can change what happens right now and with humility you vicariously become stronger in spirit and character.

What a great journey we can have in life with just a few simple changes in the way we think.

Use this affirmation to change your “now”.

Refreshing Change Means Stop That and Do This

So much in life is all about ex-change.  You have to stop something in order to arrive at something new. Stopping one thing just isn’t enough.  You must replace the old habit with a refreshing new one.  Plus the new habit must be proven to get the results you desire.

Refreshing Change Means Stop That and Do This

So exactly how do you go about getting this refreshing change in your life?  I’m so glad you asked.

First, make a list of all the things you know you do that are just not good for you.

  • bite your nails
  • swear – a lot
  • drink alcoholic beverages
  • drink several cups of coffee every day
  • put off cleaning your house
  • gorge down eclectic varieties of food
  • scrounge for chocolate in the house

Next, get with a trusted, non-judgmental, friend.  Ask them to make a list of things they’ve observed that you do that just might not be the best for you.

Compare the two lists.


My Actions, Thoughts & Beliefs

Affirmation & Explanation

My Actions - Rebecca Alderman

The day you realize there are no more excuses is the day your actions change.  You can be free, vibrant, energized and responsible for life – all at the same time.  The hardest part of it all is changing your thoughts and beliefs first.

My Actions, Thoughts & Beliefs

Everyone needs help from time to time.  Everyone makes decisions daily.  When you take responsibility for your choices, your protection, your life – then life is sweeter.

Use this affirmation to change your actions, thoughts & beliefs.

We will continue to talk about these things during our upcoming podcasts.  Have you signed up?  You can right now below.

Past is Past & Here Comes My Future

Affirmation & Explanation

Past Is Past - Rebecca Alderman

You can really get stuck when others’ behavior rips through you like a bulldozer ripping through a crumbling building.  But you don’t have to allow such ripping in your emotions or your body.  Matter-a-fact, you can put it all in the past the very minute after it happens.  This does take some practice, though – and determination.

Past is Past & Here Comes My Future

I can remember how excited I was when I got down to only carrying something harsh around inside me  for 1 week, then 1 day, then 1 hour, then 1 minute.  WOW!  Talk about freeing and liberating.

Your can do it, too. But you really have to want to be free from the negative influence of others. And you have to let them go if they choose not to change.  You can only control “you”.   And that’s certainly a liberating thought, too!

So how about it!  Ready to memorize and use this affirmation today? Go for it!

Featured image is Mary Wollstonecraft by John Opie (c. 1797) on  Wikipedia.

I Welcome Peace

Affirmation & Explanation

I Welcome Peace - Rebecca Alderman

So many people live as if what they are needing or expecting in the  next 2 seconds doesn’t arrive, they will simply blow up or worse. Ever run into one of those people in the car behind you revving their engine like they’re about to take off at the starting line – except you happen to be in front of them? They definitely are not experiencing peace.

How do you handle annoying situations like that? Calmly? Or do you get upset because of the other person’s hysteria?

How do you handle even more serious situations? adverse situations? dangerous situations?

Do you have the calm resolve it takes to think clearly and function appropriately and safely for yourself and your family in these different type situations?

I Welcome Peace

Bad things happen. The world is a dangerous place.  It’s a part of life to experience bad things but those same bad episodes do not have to rule your life or dictate your future.

You can have real lasting peace and joy in your life no matter what happens around you and it’s not as hard as you might think.

You can be so calm during a stormy moment that it literally makes people mad at you. Yes, mad at you enough to ask you, in probably not so pleasant terms at first, how you can be so at calm with “this” going on….  Well, that’s your clue to help them, too.

But first, let’s get you some tranquility in your life.

Use this affirmation and watch it help.  If it’s not enough or you simply just can’t bring yourself to believe the words when you say them, then sign up for our upcoming podcasts.  Together, we will find “peace”.

I Speak Uplifting Truth

An Affirmation & Explanation.

I Speak - Rebecca Alderman

Instead of speaking your mind in order to relieve your own frustrations and unhealthy emotions to others; instead, you can speak to your mind with truth-filled nuggets that will uplift your countenance and encourage others – no matter what’s happening.

This is not to imply you would become some positive thinking mush speaker to a person whose just experienced a horrible tragedy. No.

I Speaki speak

But in those alone hours when you know you shouldn’t have that extra indulging dessert bowl.  Or on those low ebb days when all the thoughts running through your mind happen to be depressing you further.  Then it’s time to pull this affirmation out and repeat it over and over.

Next, grab the “truth” to replace the lie and get yourself uplifted and back on top of your day.  “I Speak” implies you must do just that.  Replace the unhealthy thought.  Literally hear yourself speak to your mind and say “No, that’s not the way it will be today. I will_______.”  Of course, fill in the blank with the obvious truth about yourself.

Featured image by Ben Grey on Flickr.