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Rebecca Alderman

Introduction: Rebecca Alderman Resume for Teaching Music. It is Rebecca’s desire in teaching music to connect with individuals online who are of reading age up to elderly and are computer literate to allow the learning of music to enhance their lives for good, to expand their learning and retention capacity and to have fun amidst an adverse world.

For songwriting, it takes:

  • an individual who knows what they like and can make a decision.
  • one who can talk, walk, clap, pat the foot.
  • someone who listens to music several times per day or week
  • a person who is touched by the message (lyrics) of songs they’ve heard

For piano, a student needs:

  • 88 weighted keyboard, either electric or acoustic
  • a will to develop their hand/eye coordination or exercise their fingers
  • the strong desire to play with a backing track their very first lesson

For voice, or singing, a class needs:

  • that fun attitude to make different sounds their first lesson
  • a dream and strong imagining to sing beautifully to any audience size
  • to be okay with making lots of mistakes knowing they will learn and grow exponentially 


The objective is to support the mission and vision of Music Programs for voice, piano, and songwriting students available in-person and online.
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  • Exhorter

  • Flexible

  • Teachable

  • Reliable

  • Organized & Orderly

  • Relational

  • Problem Solver

  • Confidential

  • Compassionate


  • Stress Relief Coach

  • Summer 2022, New York Vocal Coaching, Justin Stoney, Voice Teacher Certification Program


  • 45 + years’ experience as self-start learner, trained musician, keyboardist, vocalist, speaker/ teacher/trainer, website builder, and in recent years, video talent producer

  • Enjoys the art of video production and helping clients/students fulfill dreams

  • At the present time, Rebecca is teaching up to 20 private students in-home and online voice and piano.

  • Currently teaching Pre-K, Kindergarten through 6th grade music classes at local private Christian school. She just completed casting and directing an all-school musical by KidsWorks entitled “VoiceMessage” with full backdrop, staging, drama team, soloists, ensembles and two choirs.


  • Developed Content Scripts & Staging

  • Worked with talent for natural presentation while filming, Speech Coaching, etc.

  • Composed Original Music Jingles for video entry/exits

  • Presonus Studio One & Audacity recording & sound editing software

  • Filmora video editing software

  • Website Design & Maintenance – WordPress Platform, and for Video storage

  • Check out these Website Design Examples: & & (In Progress)


  • Owner/Founder Jubilee Music & Publishing

  • Curriculum Writer/Trainer – Jubilee Worship School and Firearm Defense Training for Women

  • Mission Team Leader with Contacts in India & Peru

  • Authored 2 books both found on Heaven In My Heart, Inspiration Ignited by Rebecca Persichitte and Keeping Kids Safe by Rebecca Alderman

  • Call Center Representative at Joyce Meyer Ministries

  • Composed Songs & Recorded Albums since age 11 ( )


  • MS Office 365 including WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, PUBLISHER

  • Proficient with Zoom

  • Good Written/Verbal Communication – Type 70 wpm