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From:  Rebecca Alderman
St. Louis, Missouri

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That’s right, free.

This may be a little different than what you’re used to but when I prepare something for you, it will jolt your thinking.

So let’s get started:

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You’re going to be so enlightened and empowered, I know you’ll enjoy the mini-course and the freedom you gain in your life as a result.

Why, confidence and freedom never looked so good as it will sparkling through you!  Enjoy!



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What Will Happen During Your 5 Day Mini Course?

  • Day 1 – Identify Fears Holding You Down
    • Experience a “Fear Factor Measuring Chart”
    • Define paralyzing fear & confident fear and how they differ
    • Plus more….
  • Day 2 – Looking Closer at the Causes of Fear in Children & Women
    • Discover the 3 categories for nightmares in Children
    • Acquire empowering tools to help your children with their fears
    • Find out some physical problems that cause fear in women
    • Plus more…
  • Day 3 – Getting Rid of Fear
    • Learn different ways to “face” your fears presented in nigthmares
    • Identify clearly “what” the fear is and “when” it began
    • Recognize the “how often”, “where” and “who” of your fears
    • Plus more….
  • Day 4 – How Long Will The Process Take?
    • Find out the 3 elements vital to overcoming fear
    • Discover what processes used prior causes you to be more fearful
    • Take a look at how the brain shreds or stores memories and how to use this information to resolve your fears
    • Plus more…
  • Day 5 – Another Layer To Overcoming Fear
    • Most people never want to talk about this layer to overcoming fear
    • But this layer is the key to overcoming all other fears
    • When you’ve dealt with this layer, then you’re free to live life to the fullest.
    • Plus more…
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