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Why Women Choose To Die

Women - Rebecca Alderman

In a world where right is wrong and wrong is right, it gets cloudy for women and how to train yourself for that one moment you need to make the right decision for “you” without all the whispering critique and interrogation. However, allowing yourself to be paralyzed and indecisive could get you killed – in more ways than one.

In a child’s world of imagination there’s an inner excitement to putting things in creative order because anything is possible. That is, anything that is innocently good and wholesome.

So – is the question about “what is good and wholesome” or “what is right for you”?

Well, let me pose the ultimate question. Why does “what is right for you” have to be anything but “good and wholesome”?

Who are we catering to when we even stop to question our personal motives for being “safe & secure” based on a societal crazed notion?

Why Women Choose To Die

Or even worse – why would we allow someone else – a politician, college professor, corporate head, or restaurant owner, physician, etc., – the right to make decisions concerning our best interest?

It simply doesn’t have to be this way – ever – but we have to change first.

A Woman’s Instinct

Many mothers would never think twice about defending their innocent children in a dangerous situation. She’d risk her life to jump in deep waters to rescue a struggling child. She’d stand between her child and a dangerous home intruder. You know the kind of mother I’m talking about.

My husband conducted the funeral service of a young mother who had been trapped in a crashed car blazing in flames. When they pulled her from the wreckage, she was in an odd position trying to protect her unborn baby. Even though she knew she wouldn’t get out alive, she cradled her arms around her belly in a fetal position as a final gesture to protect her child. The coroner was able to extract the baby from her belly so they could be buried together side by side. The little girl was beautiful. Holding her unscarred body brought great comfort to the family.

So what are the 3 killers of women?

The 3 Killers

Mothers have an ingrained sense of survival for their children. Ladies, in general, desire to survive. In fact, every human being fights to live. Why? Because our Creator, God Almighty Himself, put that desire inside us. The only reason that huge desire to live dies is attributed to 3 factors:

  • Evil made their life miserable
  • Their thought life gave into evil persuasion
  • They gave their choice to live to another

It always begins with an outside force that leads a person down a horrible trail in which they either see no hope to overcome or they simply leave their life to chance in the hands of others to make all the decisions for them.

No one wants to live that way – really. No one plans to let another take their life. No one wants to think their leaders would betray them with decisions that could get them killed. No one wants to feel hopeless after realizing what they originally decided – now needs to be changed.

The Innocence Cycle

Every child starts their life learning and discovering the world around them. Many beautiful and wonderful experiences get jolted when Mom has to detour them from the light socket – where they could get electrocuted. Back to playing the child goes until Mom steps in again to grab their reaching fingers away from the pot of boiling water on the stove – lest they suffer horrific burns.

Women & Pinocchio - Rebecca AldermanIn movies, like Pinocchio, where father and son are under water talking freely like they would on land – without any swim trunks or breathing apparatus – a child might get the idea the water does not pose any threat and to treat it as you would dry land.

As the child grows, Mom weighs in on those innocent, fun surroundings that could prove dangerous – like the swimming pool or an ocean beach vacation – and determines the time when the child must take swimming lessons.

These are natural deterrents a Mom thinks about but the child has no clue because they’ve never sensed the danger. Mom, in her wisdom, trains the child to be wise about danger, just by the things she does to protect them.

The Good News

The good news – the child learns that water is no danger when taught how to swim well. The child learns about electricity and is now careful not to put their finger in the socket. The child learns about hot water and how it can burn if not used carefully. You don’t stop using water, electricity or hot water. You don’t forbid their presence in your home. You simply teach everyone in the home how to use these tools appropriately.

In our imaginations, we can soar the heights with eagles and swim the depths with whales with no fear of falling or drowning because it’s a world we created to have fun and be free. This is the care-free world a devoted parent allows for their children while they look after the safe “balancing” factor. What if you could live in a world of empowered freedom where you never have to give up your fun imagination; yet you are skilled to handle even the most adverse of situations? Talk about being a balanced individual!

A Healthy Dread

Women who have never been in Afghanistan or faced a gang in dark alley streets, still instinctively know when evil is lurking. It is an ingrained wisdom to protect. Why would God be so interested in us as to create us with such a desire to live? And a healthy dread of dying?

This is where the rubber meets the road.

This is where girls have to choose for themselves to become trained against evil – all kinds of evil. This is where wise women look at the world through reality frames and make purposeful decisions for themselves and their children. This is the time a wise woman says to herself, “I cannot leave this up to my husband, friend, neighbor, pastor, politicians or state legislation. I have to comprehend the types of evil lurking and know how to handle these situations myself.”

A Life of Fear

The flip side to all this is living a life of fear imagining all the horrific things that could happen but never do.

Women & Baby Swimming - Rebecca AldermanWhere’s the balance?

What evils face me & my family where I live? If I choose to use a weapon, which one? How will I know I won’t freeze when it’s time to defend myself? How do I decipher the defense laws of my state? Where would I realistically practice in my specific situation? How do I prepare the rest of my family? How do I teach my children safety awareness when I’m just starting and they’re older now?

“I don’t want to live in fear,” one woman said to me. “I don’t want to live paranoid,” another woman said to me.

Of course you don’t. And you don’t have to!

You can have the life of a child swimming like a fish in the water – carefree and full of joy – because you know what to do and how to do it!


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