Soothing Piano Music For The Soul – and Spirit

Soothing Piano Music - Rebecca Alderman

If you need to unwind after a busy day, play this relaxing music.

If you need to calm yourself and boost “hope” after a horrific episode,  this soothing piano music will help.

If you need  to calm yourself before bedtime – then this just might work for you and even your children. 

Soothing Piano Music For The Soul – and SpiritSoothing piano music for inspiration - Rebecca Alderman

If you need inspiration to start your day, then this definitely will get you soaring to new heights.

I just play and then I stop at around 16 minutes.  It’s just enough to set your day – or evening.  But, if you need more, you’re welcome to hit the replay button.

Make sure your speakers are on.






I’m not your typical pianist.  I don’t do “requests” because the minute the name of the song is requested, even if I know the piece, I draw a blank.  Yeah, I’m working on it but until then I just play – freely.  I start with a chordal pattern and just play.

Let me know how you used this audio in your day?

Featured image by Elliott Billings on Flickr.

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