My Pure Motives Assessment

My Pure Motives Assessment - Rebecca Alderman

Affirmations & Explanations.

Pure Motives - Rebecca Alderman

STOP beating yourself up with these damaging words: “I don’t do enough.” “My contribution isn’t as good as hers.” “What I offered wasn’t good enough for them.” And so forth…..

My Pure Motives Assessment

Why is the first thing out of our thoughts life is to condemn and compare ourselves to others.  STOP!!!

Just the FACT that you wanted to help someone shows your pure motives in the situation. It’s time to learn how to pick out the bad thoughts and turn them around into good thoughts and even say them out loud over yourself.

A lot of women do not feel safe in their existence can stem all the way back to how they speak to themselves – in their own minds.  Yes, probably a parent or adult at some time or other said something cruel that stunted them into thinking that was “truth” about them but it’s time to re-evaluate the who, what, when and where that took place. It’s time to stop crushing the frail flower petals in your hand and start assessing your pure motives in a stance of power and strength.

You do not have to live a defeated life.  You can life fearless and empowered.  Enroll in our “Empowered Freedom Life” course today and see just how powerful your life can be.


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