I Am Responsible

I Am Responsible - Rebecca Alderman

An Affirmation & Explanation.


No one can control what goes on in your mind unless you give them that authority.  The minute you say “no more”, then it’s over for them and it’s a new beginning for you.

Reminding yourself of this fact, “I am responsible“, is one empowering nugget every woman, boy and girl should know and embrace.

I Am Responsible

When you take responsibility for what goes on in your own mind, what you think and what governs your actions, you can turn your life into an adventure that is only enhanced by one other element.

If you want to find out what element this is – you’ve got to enroll in the Empowered Freedom Life course.  You will never be the same again.  You will love you life and the adventure it brings.

Enrollment is limited per month and for women only.

I hope to see you soon in this valuable course. You can be responsible and joyful in your life – and yes – simultaneously.

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