Making Good Choices - Rebecca Alderman

Making Good Choices This Way

Making good decisions was never more overwhelming than in today’s society. If that describes you, then this affirmation will be useful and encouraging.

My Pure Motives Assessment - Rebecca Alderman

My Pure Motives Assessment

Pure motives can get swallowed up in bad thinking patterns about yourself. Use this affirmation to overcome and see how powerful your life can really be.

Power Over Others

You do not have to stay fearful in a relationship. Use this affirmation to change your life and then take the next step.

I Am Responsible - Rebecca Alderman

I Am Responsible

Check inside for this valuable affirmation especially on days you’re feeling pretty down about yourself. Don’t stay there. Be responsible and use this affirmation.

I Accept - Rebecca Alderman

I Accept & Do This

Wealth can be defined in many different ways but I accept this type of wealth readily and responsibly – with the help of this affirmation.

Speak Truth - Rebecca Alderman

I Speak Uplifting Truth

When your mind wants to go to unhealthy places or events, this is the affirmation to use.