Peace - Rebecca Alderman

I Welcome Peace

Imagine yourself nestled in a bed of sweet smelling colorful flowers with a heart totally at peace. How? Check out this affirmation inside.

Bright Hope For My Future

This affirmation is needed during challenging as well as tragic times. You can live empowered to overcome any situation with the right mindset and tools.

Obligations - Rebecca Alderman

Success With Obligations

Use this affirmation when you need a refreshing change in your calendar scheduling and handling of obligations.

Rule - Rebecca Alderman

I Refuse This Type Of Rule

Use this pointed affirmation when you’ve made mistakes in our life. You do not have to live defeated anymore.

Making Good Choices - Rebecca Alderman

Making Good Choices This Way

Making good decisions was never more overwhelming than in today’s society. If that describes you, then this affirmation will be useful and encouraging.

My Pure Motives Assessment - Rebecca Alderman

My Pure Motives Assessment

Pure motives can get swallowed up in bad thinking patterns about yourself. Use this affirmation to overcome and see how powerful your life can really be.