Beauty Secret - Rebecca Alderman

Beauty Secret Four

What could be more frustrating than knowing you’re drinking water all day long but never truly being hydrated. Find out in Beauty secret #4.

Beauty Secret - Rebecca Alderman

Beauty Secret Three

Eating out a lot can cause energy issues that affect your beauty unless you have this neat little card working for you.

Beauty - Rebecca Alderman

Beauty Secret Two

What appliances and electrical devices in your home are causing you to age prematurely and way? Find out in Beauty secrets 2..

Beauty Secret - Rebecca Alderman

Beauty Secret One

What does EMR, cell phones & beauty have in common? Find out in Beauty secrets one.

Women - Rebecca Alderman

Why Women Choose To Die

What if you could live in a world of empowered freedom where you never have to give up your fun imagination; yet you are skilled to handle even the most adverse of situations? Talk about being a balanced individual!

Healing - Rebecca Alderman

I Choose Healing

Do you feel as though you just have way too much on your plate right now? Or has this become a “way of life” for you? Use this affirmation to change this and be refreshed regularly.

Stronger - Rebecca Alderman

Make Me Stronger

You can’t change tomorrow because it’s not here yet. You can’t change yesterday because it’s gone but you can do this when you use this affirmation.