Hello, I’m Rebecca.

I understand life adjustments and overcoming major loss in your life. My young son died in 1993 and twenty months later my husband died in 1994. One minute they were with us and the next they were not. I chose to overcome any crippling grief and lead my children to make healthy adjustments so we could move forward.

“My heart and prayers go out to all families who’ve lost loved ones, especially from accidents or criminal activity.”

In today’s society we are all vulnerable.  I choose not to live in fear. No matter whether it’s a random criminal act or a carefully planned attack, I choose to prepare myself and be ready for whatever happens wherever I may be.

I choose not to live a life of self-destruct due to heavy loads of stress in my life, no matter the source.

First, let me tell you what I am not.  I’m not an attorney.  I’m not law enforcement.  I’m not ex-military. 

I AM an ex-victim! I AM an overcomer!

I’ve been raped twice in my lifetime. The first time was in my late teens and the second was in my mid thirties as a single mom. Yeah, I’ve had some issues to overcome for sure.  Recently,  I was also threatened by a very sick individual both verbally and physically on internet social networks. I don’t take any threat lightly no matter how casual they may or may not appear.  However, I choose to live in confident resolve to do whatever necessary to defend myself and my home in the event of an attack. I also realize that quality personal life management skills are vital when involved with any high stress situation.

I am remarried to Bill and together we are on a journey of becoming more trained in personal protection strategies. We are serious about protecting our home and family and living a stress and fear free life.

Yet, there's more to it than learning defense tactics.  It begins in the heart.  The journey begins by identifying our worst enemy, namely, "fear".

Fear paralyzes. Stress feeds fear. Fear feeds stress.  Conquering fear causes confidence to rise.  Not arrogance. Confidence.

Join me on an adventure to lose fear and gain confidence from the inside out. You'll lose that inner barrier causing you to hold back from the world who you really are and you'll begin to glow with confidence and joy as you step into your future with hope.

Learn to manage stress better, lose fear and allow the beautiful "you" to shine through.

It's a challenge.  It's a miracle.

The challenge is you have to take the first step. Saying "no" to fear right now is the first step to conquering it.  We'll discover all the "next steps" together.

The miracle is feeling alive again - free from fear - and ready to handle even adverse situations with confidence.


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Certified Coach Rebecca Alderman

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Everyone has a story and it needs to be shared in healthy ways and in a safe environment. Being free from fear of any kind, from any source, affords you the kind of life that embraces health and wholeness - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This kind of life is an exciting life of hope and adventure and peace and love - no matter your background or past. With the right support system in place, you can have a life of fulfillment and hope that touches others, too! Let's get started with your own personal coaching sessions with Rebecca today.